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One Year Later - Supernatural Short Film

One Year Later - April Pearson - Simon Weir - watch short films

"One Year Later" wasa our first short film of 2013. The romantic comedy follows geeky David as he plans to pull off the perfect proposal for his perfect girl, Katy. His wise cracking older brother Steven is determined to help him... however Steven is dead and may or may not just be a figment of David's imagination.

We are pulling together the cast and crew for the production and we will be shooting on the 27th and 28th of April in Glasgow. We can confirm that Highroad and River City actor Simon Weir has joined the film playing Dr. Nathan Evans and Skins and Tormented actress April Pearson will be playing the role of Katy. Taggart and Trinity star Mark Wood will be playing Steven and upcoming actor Rhys Teare-Williams who has won awards at the 48 Hour Film Festival is playing David. Tam Toye (Taggart, Night is Day) will be playing the Maitre 'D and Paul Murray rounds out the cast as the security guard.

One Year Later will be scored by Samantha Pake, featuring music from Scottish stars Emerald Sunday and rap artist Del. Locations include The Tall Ship, Sk:N Clinic, The Libertine, St. Andrews in the Square and Roma Mia in Glasgow.

Once the film is finished we will be entering it into the Sundance Film Festival, Raindance, Loch Ness Film Festival and many more, to help spread the word of independent film making and raise support for the film making industry in the UK. 

We have managed to crowd-fund over £2000 so we can pay our cast and crew for their involvement in the film. Thank you to everybody who supported our film. We will be holding a screening in Glasgow in the Summer. Details will be posted here, on Twitter and Facebook.

Duration:20 Minutes
Format: Full HD (1980x1080)
Shot: April 2013

Katy - April Pearson
Dr. Evans - Simon Weir
David - Rhys Teare-Williams
Steven - Mark Wood
Maitre D' - Tam Toye
Security Guard - Paul Murray

Producer - Claire Mcguire
Writer/Director - Fraser Coull
Director of Photography - Julie Dunn
Assistant Producer - Sarah Mooney
1st Assistant Director - Scott Forrest
Production Assistant - Megan Lumsden
Sound Recordist - Sean P Gill
Camera Assistant - Drew Taylor
Editing - Anne Nicholson
Runner/Behind the Scenes - Rachael Darroch
Hair and Makeup - Sharon Clark and Claire Dell
Graphics - Scott Middleton
Visual Effects - John Cox
Costume - Katy Taylor
Stills Photographer - Dougie Coull
Composer - Samantha Pake