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What We Do

We offer a complete range of professional, affordable video and production services, using broadcast equipment, industry trained professionals and a creative vision to get your video noticed.

Whether you are looking for a cheap music video, showreel to upload for casting agents, a promotional video for your website, a recording of a theatre show, corporate video, affordable wedding videos or uploading audition footage for a casting director, we can help you.

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A promotional video for your business will give your company the chance to promote your services on the internet. 

The video can showcase any element of your business - a new product, your headquarters, training videos or your award winning scheme - whatever you're proud of, we can make the video for you.

We also offer training videos in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Greenock, Falkirk and the rest of Scotland.

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We can help produce a high quality, affordable music video for your latest tracks, as well as offering a press-style interview and professional photographs to raise the profile of of your music online.

We offer 3 packages as part of our music video services. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and we will provide you a quote for our services.

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As an actor, you may require a showreel of your work to supply to casting directors. Silly Wee Films can create an indexed portfolio of existing footage or stage and film scene excerpts, including an original soundtrack if required, to highlight a range of styles and range.

The reel can also include a photo gallery, voice-reel and a copy of your CV, all of which can be updated regularly for a little cost.

We can provide the following showreel for actors:

Script services to write a scene(s) to show your acting range.
Filming specific scenes to add to your show-reel.
Editing the scenes into a show-reel.
Editing existing clips into your show-reel.
Professional headshots to be added to your show-reel DVD.

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